You’ve no doubt heard the phrase “content is king” by now, and that phrase is still as relevant now as it was when it was first coined. Not convinced? What if I told you that copywriters will have the biggest impact on your marketing strategy in 2020? Heading into 2020, your marketing strategy will need to include high-quality content, more than it ever has before. And who will be providing that essential content? Copywriters of course! So, allow me to explain exactly why copywriters will be worth their weight in gold in the new year.  

Wait, I can write my own content, can’t I? 

You could, but unless you’re an experienced SEO writer, it may not be written to the same quality as that of a professional copywriter (and therefore not get the intended results). See, copywriting is the special craft of writing persuasively. You know that TV commercial you just watched and can’t get out of your head? A copywriter wrote the script. And what about the radio ad you’ve been singing all day? Yep, a copywriter wrote that too. In the world of digital marketing, it takes a skilled copywriter (and editor) to spread your intended message and have it stand out from all the noise of the internet. Without the skills of a copywriter, you risk your whole marketing strategy being drowned by the millions of other similar messages out there. Copywriters spend years training and perfecting the skills to write unique quality copy – the kind your intended audience simply can’t ignore. 

So, what do I mean by ‘quality’ copy? Well, firstly, it’s not content for the sake of content. Quality content adds value to people’s lives. It’s well thought out to connect with people in an emotional, relevant and timely way and moves them to take action or feel a certain way about your brand or service. Even if you’re an expert on a subject, or you’ve got a firm grasp on your target customer, not everyone can produce killer copy without training and experience. Great copywriters can take information and make it unique, relatable and entertaining to your potential customer base, while increasing organic traffic through technical factors like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

With social platforms are changing and evolving rapidly, thanks to the growth of Generation Z, many companies are seeing their advertising spend provide little return. The same can’t be said for content. Regardless of the changes in social media platforms, sparking curiosity through clever content will continue to drive a return on advertising spend. 

It’s more important to be human 

Most businesses wrongly assume that SEO copywriters only write to search engines like Google, sporadically throwing clunky keywords into their writing. And, it’s true, some SEO companies approach SEO copywriting in this way. But that strategy isn’t going to cut it in the marketing world of 2020. 

Successful marketing agencies are increasingly hiring copywriters to connect to their customers and clients. Customers want to know that they are understood and listened to. In other words, we need to speak their language. In a highly competitive market, you need to humanise your brand so your prospective customers can align themselves with you and your values. It’s not just about pushy sales techniques, you need to nurture them, build a relationship and most importantly, secure their trust.

Interestingly, 84 per cent of Millennials don’t trust traditional advertising and they’re demanding innovation, creativity, personalisation, brand purpose and transparency. New methods, like voice search and social media e-commerce are also driving more conversations. Back in 2016, Google calculated that 20 per cent of Android mobile searches are done through voice searches and this trend is only increasing with the introduction of smart TVs and integrated digital home systems like Google Home. So, how does this affect your content? It’s all about asking questions and responding conversationally. In other words, you need to respond like a human. 

More than search engine rankings

Creative content does more than simply drive your website to the top of Google’s rankings and generate leads to your website. It provides a connection to your audience and, most importantly, it entertains and informs. 

According to the Social Media Trends 2020 report by Hubspot, 3 per cent of news stories in 2019 that related to brand trust were actually related to fake news and disinformation. This is something brands will need to combat in 2020 by taking pride in their appearance. Ask yourself: what are your clients seeing? Your website might be lovely to look at but if it’s riddled with poor copy, dodgy spelling and blatantly obvious grammar mistakes, I can assure you, your business will look sloppy and very unprofessional.

The art of storytelling, whilst mostly creative, also has a technical side. A professional copywriter who specialises in writing in the digital space will tackle any writing task with the end result in mind – to engage your potential customers. 

Create a community that your audience loves and it’s guaranteed to bring results.

Here’s to the death of boring creative!

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