Google loves people-first content – here’s why you should too

Have you ever felt like you’ve finally found the right website, but then it doesn’t even have the information you’re looking for? Or it’s written in a way that’s difficult to read, or seems like it was written by a robot?

Google noticed too. That’s why it has recently rolled out the Helpful Content Update. This is just part of an overall strategy focused on improving the user experience on search, whereby users can find more relevant and helpful content. So what is “people-first” content and how does it affect your website and its visitors?

What is people-first content?

Ultimately, people-first content is content written by people, for people. This means everything on your website – from the introduction on your homepage, to the blogs, articles and your team biographies – is written with the reader at the forefront. It isn’t stuffed with search keywords, making it feel and sound unnatural or even nonsensical. Instead, your content should clearly and concisely answer the question, need or search query that your visitor has come to your website for.

Why is it important?

When your content is written with your target audience in mind, with the key purpose to serve, people make a more genuine connection with your brand. It builds brand awareness, trust and reputation. And, it ultimately answers their initial question – which is what Google is looking for.

Does it affect keyword rankings?

You bet it does! With Google’s latest rollout, it means people-first content will be preferred by Google, and could help your website rank higher than before in search results. Your content will need to be clever, weaving in your keywords with the natural grace of a conversation between friends. Ensure you answer your visitor’s needs, questions or search query. Tell your story and create engaging content for your visitor so they have a great experience.

So, I shouldn’t have my blogs written by a robot?

No, unfortunately. Whilst this may seem like a quick way to generate content, often it lacks basic sentence structure, has grammar issues and ultimately reads like it was written by …well, a robot. For a robot. When you, or an experienced copywriter, develops your website content and blogs, you’ll find the right voice for your reader. And, you’ll see a far better result for your website in the long run.

Does your website content need a people-first refresh?

Get in touch with our (very human) team today to find out how we can create people-first, engaging content for your brand that performs well in Google’s organic search rankings.

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