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Since we began #isolife, our working lives have completely changed. As part of dealing with our new normal, we take a look behind the screens of the LEP Digital team in our new #WFH (work from home) environments in a new interview-style blog series. The latest interview is with our Digital Marketing Coordinator, Meea Duurland.

Q: Favourite go-to WFH getup:

Meea: Activewear and slippers. Comfortable and warm for working in my living room but easy to change attire from work-mode to walk-mode in my lunch break.

Q: What I’m listening to on Spotify right now:

Meea: I love listening to new music so I listen to Spotify’s customised playlists for me which change weekly like ‘my new release radar’ or ‘my discover weekly’ playlists.

Q: What I’m watching on Netflix right now:

Meea: I have a habit of sitting on the couch to watch tv and mid-way through get up to cook, clean or do anything but watch tv, to be honest. So I put on a stand-up comedy show or a comedy series that I can watch in parts and still know what’s happening like Seinfeld or Brooklyn 99.

Q: You’ll hear me say this at least three times on a video call:

Meea: Apparently I often say, “I’m happy to help with that if needed.”

Q: What I’m cooking this weekend:

Meea: A friend of mine suggested I follow an Instagram account called @recipearce which features a blogger hosting his own home-cooking demonstrations each week via Instagram stories. I’m eyeing off one of the most recent recipes he demonstrated – dark chocolate and sea salt cookies, to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Q: How I’m staying active:

Meea: Since closing, my gym is now hosting live classes on Facebook and proposing a fitness challenge each week tracked on the app Strava. I’m also casting my phone to my tv and following yoga videos on Youtube. I’m also eyeing off aerobic dance classes hosted on Instagram stories by Ryan Heffington, owner of a North American dance studio. They look like a bit of fun and a chance to shake off any worry or self-doubt during this crazy time!

Q: My best WFH productivity hack:

Meea: I like to write a list of achievable goals for the day. While there may be several times where I need to get away from my desk throughout the day to refocus, crossing tasks off my list helps me remind myself I’ve still been productive.

Q: Which emoji best represents your mood right now:

Meea: 🙃 life is a bit upside down right now but I’m still smiling.

Q: I’m kept company by these people/pets:

Meea: My partner who’s a shift worker and my neighbour’s beautiful husky dog, Beau (pictured).

Q: What I’m most grateful for:

Meea: My friends and family who I still feel connected with despite social distancing. I’m so grateful to receive their digital love and support!

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