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Since life has drastically changed for all of us around the world, we thought we’d take a look behind the screens of the LEP Digital team in our new #WFH (work from home) environments. It’s also a chance for you to get to know us a little deeper in our natural habitats. The first interview is with Leah Willmott-Jones, LEP’s Digital Marketing Assistant.

Q: Favourite go-to WFH getup: 

Leah: I’ve been making sure I get dressed to keep the routine going. So, top half of my outfit would be tee or active wear, however the bottom half is definitely comfy pants, whether that be trackies or leggings. But to top it off and make the ultimate WFH get up, there hasn’t been a day where I am not rocking birks (translation: Birkenstocks) and socks.

Q: What I’m listening to on Spotify right now: 

Leah: I’ve actually been diving into some old playlists of mine. It’s been very nostalgic. Heroes by David Bowie has been in every playlist since 2016, and that song still gets put on repeat.

Q: What I’m watching on Netflix right now:

Leah: I’ve actually been rewatching Friends…but on Stan, sorry Netflix haha.

Q: You’ll hear me say this at least three times on a video call: 

Leah: I may not repeat it three times, but I always end up saying “That reminds me of…”. It helps me relate the topic to something I may have experienced, and it’s easier to wrap my head around things. 

Q: What I’m cooking this weekend: 

Leah: I am making my first batch of choc chip banana pancakes, I am really excited for it because I can finally play “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson while flipping the pan and singing my lungs out.

Q: How I’m staying active: 

Leah: I’ve been making sure I do high impact workouts, but to be honest I much prefer yoga and my new hobby has been learning how to do headstands to forearm handstands…watch this space.

Q: My best WFH productivity hack: 

Leah: Getting up at your regular time, having a shower, making a tea. I’m ensuring I get dressed and do my hair (I’m loving these make-up free days). I feel like I can achieve anything if my hair is done. I also make sure that I have music on all day. This keeps me productive and focused.

Q: Which emoji best represents your mood right now: 

Leah: 🤪 I feel like this could be taken as “going absolutely mental in iso” but I am actually very grateful I can stay home and be safe. I think I chose that emoji because I’ve been having crazy spurts of energy throughout the day, where I just dance, sing, do headstands or I think of some funny/creative ideas. It’s described as a ‘zany face’ so I am feeling very zany.

Q: I’m kept company by these people/pets: 

Leah: I live with my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. I wish I had my dogs with me but they live with Mum, so I chat to Rueben, my nephew’s bird.

Q: What I’m most grateful for: 

Leah: To be healthy, safe with a roof over my head and food on the table, my family, friends and dogs. I also am very grateful for the opportunity to still work from home, I am lucky to still be employed unlike many other Australians right now.

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