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Since we began #isolife, our working lives have completely changed. As part of dealing with our new normal, we take a look behind the screens of the LEP Digital team in our new #WFH (work from home) environments in a new interview-style blog series. The latest interview is with our Director, Laura Prael.

Q: Favourite go-to WFH getup: 

Laura: I’m a big believer in comfort – especially if I’m focusing on a few key tasks for the day. My go-to is a layered-look (because it’s Autumn which means four seasons in one day): T-shirt with denim long-sleeve shirt (scarf optional for video calls) with track pants and socks. I’m enjoying going makeup-free. 

Q: What I’m listening to on Spotify right now: 

Laura: I like Spotify’s suggested playlists based on my artist and genre preferences. My favourite kind of music to listen to while working is funk, jazz, blues, and pop or a mixture. Whenever I suggested jazz in the office previously, it always got downvoted because it ‘made people sleepy’ haha. I’m enjoying getting to choose what I want for now. 

Q: What I’m watching on Netflix right now:

Laura: I recently watched Tiger King on Netflix, along with millions of other Australians. I enjoy documentaries, especially US ones because they are invariably mad. I’m now enjoying watching movie classics on Stan including The Usual Suspects, When Harry Met Sally, A Fish Called Wanda, and Slumdog Millionaire. 

Q: You’ll hear me say this at least three times on a video call: 

Laura: “Your audio is breaking up, can you speak into the microphone? Can you repeat that?” 

Q: What I’m cooking this weekend: 

Laura: Probably something from Ottolenghi’s Simple cookbook. I love his vegetarian recipes – they offer up a good weekend challenge. Finding the obscure ingredients from his list is also half the challenge (cue local fruit shop assistant: “Bob, do we have Celeriac?”). I’d also like to bake bread if my local Coles would stop selling out of bread flour and yeast. #isobaking

Q: How I’m staying active: 

Laura: I’m not too embarrassed to admit that I watched two episodes of “Aerobics Oz Style” yesterday, and followed along. I have also been going on daily walks around the waterfront where I live and doing guided power yoga classes on YouTube. If I’m feeling extra energetic, I do a weights session with two borrowed kettlebells. 

Q: My best WFH productivity hack: 

Laura: Sticking to my regular working hours, and writing a daily list of goals. My role is unique in that I don’t always have set work to move through. My day is self-directed and involves going out of my comfort zone to push myself creatively and mentally, and help my team to do the same. 

Q: Which emoji best represents your mood right now: 

Laura: 🤓 This emoji represents the working bee mood in me. I recently started wearing screen glasses for work, so when I put them on (like right now), I get into the zone and shut out other distractions. 

Q: I’m kept company by these people/pets: 

Laura: I’m lucky to have people and pets at home to make the house feel full. I’m kept sane by my fiance Pete, my cat Livvy, and my toy poodle Chloe.

Q: What I’m most grateful for: 

Laura: The opportunity to continue working and provide stable jobs for my team members. Although we’ve been knocked by this pandemic, I won’t give up. I’m grateful for our clients who continue to support us. 

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