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Since we began #isolife, our working lives have completely changed. As part of dealing with our new normal, we take a look behind the screens of the LEP Digital team in our new #WFH (work from home) environments in a new interview-style blog series. The latest interview is with our Graphic Designer, Alyssa Dunn.

Q: Favourite go-to WFH getup: 

Alyssa: I try to get dressed like I’m going into the office so my brain recognises that it’s time to work. I have been wearing my ugg boots though to keep my feet warm — the ultimate fashion statement! 

Q: What I’m listening to on Spotify right now: 

Alyssa: Podcasts, podcasts, podcasts! The chatter helps me concentrate and makes me feel like I’m not working by myself. Highly recommend Life Uncut for lighthearted comedy and My Favorite Murder for those true crime lovers. 

Q: What I’m watching on Netflix right now:

Alyssa: A lot of reruns of Brooklyn 99 and Dynasty at the moment while my partner and I wait for some new series to come out. We’ve also become hooked on Netflix docu-series — Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance is a must-watch. 

Q: You’ll hear me say this at least three times on a video call: 

Alyssa: “Sorry, what was that?” I have terrible hearing and video calls are definitely testing it! 

Q: What I’m cooking this weekend: 

Alyssa: I love to cook so I’ve been utilising these quieter weekends to experiment with cooking and baking all sorts of things from scratch! I think homemade garlic naan bread and butter chicken is on the cards this weekend. 

Q: How I’m staying active: 

Alyssa: I’m lucky enough that my gym has been putting daily workouts online so I’ve been doing them each morning. I’ve also been trying to go for a walk each afternoon as a way to wind down after the workday. 

Q: My best WFH productivity hack: 

Alyssa: Keep a morning routine! Get up at the same time each workday, go for a walk or do a workout, have a shower and some breakfast and settle in to work with a coffee. Having a consistent routine every morning and sets me up for a productive day. 

Q: Which emoji best represents your mood right now: 

Alyssa: 🤷‍♀️ The world may be a little crazy at the moment but I’m shrugging it off and taking the time to appreciate the little things. 

Q: I’m kept company by these people/pets: 

Alyssa: At the moment it’s mainly me! My partner is still working on and off so he’s always ducking in and out throughout the day. 

Q: What I’m most grateful for: 

Alyssa: My health and my family, and the ability to be able to continue to work from home with LEP. 

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