A guide to Instagram hashtags

Guide to Instagram Hashtags - LEP Digital Content Marketing Agency

Most of us have heard of hashtags. You may have even thrown in a few hashtags on your last Instagram post for good measure. But did you know that, with the right strategy, the humble #hashtag can supercharge your posts by increasing organic reach and followers? It does so by categorising and sorting Instagram posts […]

How to supercharge your social media

Social media Supercharge your infographic

Did you know that over 50% of consumers say they’ve increased their social media usage in the last 6 months? We could say we’re surprised, but admittedly there were a few too many nights spent aimlessly scrolling TikTok during iso. If you’re ready to supercharge your social media and want to understand exactly how to create a […]

Social media strategy: 6 steps to success

Compared to the first quarter of 2020, social media consumption has increased globally in the second and third quarter by around 30 per cent. People around the world are turning to social media to learn new skills, find out about products and services, and make sense of the world post-COVID. Unsurprisingly, YouTube is Australia’s most […]