How to get the most out of your digital marketing agency

As a busy business owner, you might not be in a position to manage and oversee your marketing anymore. And, it’s at this point that you might be considering outsourcing. Maybe you’re still in the ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ phase, weighing up the options or maybe you’re ready to proceed, but unsure of where to begin. […]

Why your content marketing should be ‘always on’

Ah, here we are again. December and the silly season are looming and we’re holding our breath for a well earned break. And whilst we may assume that because we are slowly winding down for the year, that surely our content marketing should as well? That makes sense doesn’t it? Why spend money on advertising […]

How to use content marketing to cut through the noise online

Ah, 2020. The year that we all collectively wished never happened. From bush fires to flooding, all before we were hit with a global pandemic, we’ve certainly been tested. Despite all the doom and gloom, there have been some positives and there’s been a wave of opportunity for business owners to embrace the digital world […]

10 free stock image websites to keep the creativity flowing

At LEP, we often joke that the hardest part about writing a blog or putting a website live is finding the right images. It’s a real conundrum. The images you choose need to support your words by conveying the appropriate meaning and emotion. They can make or break your content efforts really fast. And now […]

How to use content marketing to support the modern buyer’s journey

With COVID-19 changing the way we do business, there’s never been a better time to refocus on being agile and meeting your customer’s needs where and when they need you. But, it has to be done with a lot of care and thought; you’re speaking with a new audience that’s even more critical than before. […]