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So, it’s official… social and TV are an item. If you haven’t heard, Instagram has recently launched IGTV, a platform for Instagram users to create videos from 15 seconds up to 60 minutes long.

In an article by leading UK Video Production Agency MWP, mobile viewing habits during peak hours of 8pm-11pm skyrocket. YouTube viewing on a mobile device reaches more adults than any of the major US cable networks. It’s a no brainer that Instagram have capitalised on this trend. And with a population of 326 million people in the US alone, there’s a huge reason why your business should capitalise on these stats too.

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What is IGTV?

The launch of this video hub brings audiences closer to creators they follow and love. IGTV is Instagram’s answer to YouTube and Snapchat. But, unlike Instagram Stories, the videos don’t disappear in 24 hours. And, of course, in true Instagram style, the aspect of the videos are vertical (16:9) to fit the parameters of your mobile phone.

Traditional television is fighting for market share against streaming services such as Netflix and Stan. According to Fortune Magazine, in 2017, Netflix surpassed US traditional television cable companies in national subscribers by over two million, and now sits at a very pretty 104 million subscribers worldwide.

Instagram is capitalising on this trend, focusing its attention squarely on audiences who prefer to curate their own content rather than to watch what’s scheduled in free to air. Whilst there are no signs yet of monetisation strategies such as advertising and pay per go, our guess would be that it’ll be introduced very soon.

You can find IGTV as a stand alone app through the app store, or you can also find it integrated at the top of your feed with curated content just for you.

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Smokey eye tutorials and gamer walkthroughs are great, but what can IGTV do for corporate service-based businesses? I’m glad you asked. We’ve come up with some useful ways you can utilise the future of tech to speak directly to your target audience.

You’ve got the tools

Video production may sound daunting. When you think of filming, you may think of high end tech equipment, heavy lighting poles and stupidly expensive cameras. But fear not. You’ve got all the tools right in your hands… literally.

The launch of IGTV was designed to host vertical videos shot from a mobile phone. The videos allow content creators (also known as your team) to showcase themselves and their brand with the dimensions we’re used to through Stories.

And of course, you aren’t just limited to just your phone as equipment; filming on said expensive camera is possible too… all you need to do is resize the video to fit the aspect ratio of the screen. If you want to amp up your filming, you can always invest in a mobile phone tripod or mount and dedicate a well lit space in your office as your set.

Once you’ve finished filming and called “that’s a wrap,” settle into the editing chair and dice and chop your film how you wish all with the same device. Consider using tools such as Adobe’s Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Videoshop and Splice to perfect your creation for the small screen.

Make it yours

Upon the release of IGTV, celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Kim Kardashian-West and Selena Gomez had been given the heads up about its launch, and had already released videos. But creating content isn’t just for celebrities and social influencers; businesses such as Bloomberg Business have jumped on the bandwagon, as well as how-to accounts, Tasty and Nifty.

Instagram has 300 million daily users, and we all have different interests. So you’re bound to gather an audience that wants to know about what you have to offer. There’s a variety of brand content that you can create for your channel. Think tutorials, behind the scene videos, office tours, team introductions, product launches, and demonstrations.

We recommend starting a series to engage your audience to return: think thought leadership content, event or seasonal promotions, or tips, tricks and insights into relative industry topics. And, it doesn’t need to be groundbreaking to have an impact. Take Forbes for example: the team created a fourth of July tribute for their viewers which was a montage of Presidential quotes over the years.

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Remember, the more you create, the more likely you’re going to be found on the Instagram discovery page and gain followers.

Keep in short

According to CEO of SocialBaker, Yuval Ben-Itzhak, for Mumbrella, the key is to keep quality in your engagement and remain a priority. Although IGTV is rolling out 60 minute time limits to accounts with large followings, smaller users and businesses are limited to 10 minute videos for the time being. But in saying this, our attention span is fairly low so we recommend keeping your content around the five to six minute mark and work your way up once you have the engagement.

Use graphics to make it engaging

Now you’ve figured out what to film and how to film it, make it visually appealing to your audience. This means fun text, moving images or catchy tunes. Keep your audience interested by asking questions and not revealing too much information too soon… (keep them on their toes — or in this case, their fingertips). Bright colours are always an eye-catching touch, but have fun with it.

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Need help creating your IGTV video strategy?

Do you need a hand with your IGTV presence? Here at LEP Digital, we not only create exciting content, but we love editing too. We happen to know our way around editing software, and can promise that we’ll get your good side. Ask us how we can help.

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