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Advertising has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Brands no longer hold the ace when it comes to the straight-faced poker game of marketing because the modern consumer doesn’t interact with brands on the company’s terms — they much prefer it on their own, thanks.

Consumers, and especially millennials, don’t want blatant and invasive reminders to buy products. Instead, they want to be persuaded, understood and nurtured. But how is this done?

Here are three key principles to consider when creating successful content marketing for your business.

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Elise Ives

Author Elise Ives

Elise is a Digital Marketing Coordinator at LEP Digital. She holds a Bachelor of Media from the University of New South Wales. Elise has previously interned for Channel Ten and Max Media Lab. Elise loves advertising, marketing, and design. She's also a self-proclaimed Instagram addict (classic millennial, right?) and loves creating content for the fashion and cosmetic industries.

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